A white Christmas?


No, it’s an Industrial Emergency Response Team celebrating after successfully completing their hot fire training this month.

Fire Extinguishers on-board vessels

We’ve run our first course for unit standard 12310, Extinguish small fires on-board a vessel.  A small group of Coast Guards and Commercial Fishers attended and taught us a lot!

The Tarapunga which sank out of Nelson, 2014. Photo RNZ

The Tarapunga which sank out of Nelson, 2014. Photo RNZ

F&ST in Industrial Safety News (ISN) again

We were approached by ISN to contribute an article interpreting the new HSWA regulations on emergency planning for businesses.  You can read it by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can click here to go to Industrial Safety News’ website and read the digital edition.  We are in the May/June edition on page 5.

F&ST Article on emergency Management

F&ST on the field

Meet the top team (of 13 in their age group) from the Fencibles Club in Auckland. And F&ST is their proud sponsor. Last year they were third in the National  tournament.

We wish you another successful season, boys.

Christmas cleaning with a view

Cleaning with a view

We all like to have a bit of a clean up before Christmas, but Nathan and Ian of FAST Access Solutions have just finished a daunting cleaning job: cleaning the rust marks of the  huge Holcim cement dome at PrimePort Timaru.  Their rope skills are seriously classy, and the finished dome shows they’re pretty good at cleaning too.

Driver Training is on again

Our trainer Anthony has successfully completed his Driver Instructor training, gained his ‘I endorsement’, and will be doing our 4WD training.

Neal, our driver trainer in Napier starts a series of Emergency Driver training sessions in Early January.

Rural Fire Challenge Sizzles

This year’s rural fire challenge at Raincliff, inland South Canterbury, coincided with gale force winds across Canterbury and Otago.  Some of the 120 rural firefighters scheduled to attend were too busy fighting the real thing.  However there was still plenty of action across multiple disciplines, and F&ST was there to help.

A new look for our fleet

The new look vehicles for Fire & Safety Training and FAST Access Solutions are ready to roll. Pictured are three of the South Island fleet cars, and two from the North Island fleet.

F&ST Access Solutions an ‘A’ Team

Fire & Safety Training’s sister company, FAST Access Solutions has just received an ‘A’ score from ISNetworld, an international company that connects contractors with hiring Companies.  ISN assesses a contractor’s history, resources, processes and policies, with a strong emphasis on health and safety. We’ve submitted all our documentation and this week were rewarded with an A score, the highest available, which makes us a preferred contractor. You can see what ISN do here.

Check out FAST Access Solutions here.


Best wishes for Christmas and 2015

We hope you have a wonderful summer break.

We close up on Friday 19 December and open up again on 5 January.

We’ll see you all in 2015

Think about your gas detector

Did you know that it takes the sensors of most gas detectors 60 seconds to register and alarm when a dangerous environment is detected? In 60 seconds, most human beings can walk over 80 meters. So in that minute, you could walk into an oxygen depleted or toxic environment before the alarm warns you. Click here to read more.

Machines in the sky at Holmglen St

Yesterday a group of 13 trainees had an aerial view of Washdyke  from the baskets of their Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) as they experienced the practical session of their training.  There were a few gasps as the machines stretched high, but they’d learned all the safety requirements and came back to earth smiling.

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