Chemical handling and hazardous substances


31292 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace procedures relating to hazardous substances

This course is for people who may not directly work with hazardous substances, but need to be aware of the potential adverse effects of hazardous substances that may be on their work site.  It is a pre-requisite for US 31293, and covers:

  • understanding the potential adverse effects of hazardous substances in the candidate’s workplaces.
  • using SDS, signage and labels to understand key information about the substances
  • understanding the workplace procedures in place for controlling the risks hazardous substances present


31290 Demonstrate knowledge of the safe management and potential adverse effects of hazardous substances in the workplace

This unit is knowledge based for people who work with hazardous substances and their line managers.  It it recommended knowledge for people who wish to gain US 31293, and involves:

  • understanding the different classes of hazardous substances and their symbols, labelling and safety data sheets (SDS)
  • understanding the potential adverse effects of chemicals on our bodies and the environment
  • explaining safe storage, tracking, handling and disposal of hazardous substances
  • describing how a spill or uncontrolled release must be managed


31293 Demonstrate safe Handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances 

This unit is aimed at people who use hazardous substances and these workers’ supervisors.  Its focus is a single hazardous substance used in a workplace for example ammonia or petrol, and includes practically working with these substances.   It covers:

  • correct interpretation of a safety data sheet relating to a specific substance
  • demonstration of safe storage, handling and disposal of the hazardous substance
  • demonstrating a response to a spill or uncontrolled release of the substance


31291 Demonstrate knowledge of hazardous substances relevant to Certified Handlers

Unit 31290, or equivalent knowledge is a pre-requisite for US 31291.  This unit is preparation for people who wish to apply to be Certified Handlers of a particular hazardous substance.  The unit covers the specific substance for which the candidate wishes to become a certified handling, for example chlorine.  The course covers:

  • understanding what the requirements are to qualify as a Certified Handler
  • demonstrate knowledge of the hazardous substance, and related plant and equipment the candidate works with 
  • understanding the emergency procedures related to use of the hazardous substance.

To become a Certified Handler, people need to gain this unit, and then undertake further industry specific training and be certified by a Test Certifier.