Asbestos is still the biggest single killer in the New Zealand workplace, and we need to be aware of the potential for asbestos in, near, and around workplaces and the plant and equipment in those workplaces. 

We offer the following courses related to Asbestos: 

 US 2138 Working around asbestos for the construction industry

This course is aimed at those in the building trade who require a basic knowledge of the types of products they may come across that can contain asbestos, and an awareness of the health risks of exposure to asbestos.

It then looks at the safety measures those workers need to observe in  terms of current legislation, codes of practice and WorkSafe NZ guidelines 

US 30596 Safe work with Asbestos

This course has a broader application, and looks at:

  • Identifying types of asbestos and their risks
  • Identifying materials that may contain asbestos
  • understanding how ‘asbestos-related work’ differs from any kind of asbestos removal 
  • the risk asbestos poses to health and well-being
  • the responsibilities of people doing asbestos-related work
  • safe work practices for asbestos-related work