Breathing Apparatus Sales, Servicing and Hire


We sell and service a wide range of  Breathing Apparatus sets suitable for fire fighting, rescue teams confined space entry and other escape sets.   


F&ST has the expertise and equipment to check Breathing Apparatus equipment. This must be carried out annually. F&ST currently completes this for their own sets as well as local industry including fishing fleets and factories. Testing BA begins with a specially designed electronic machine called a Posicheck attached to a computer.

F&ST use the testing procedure detailed below:

1. Identify the BA set type and serial numbers, enter these into the computer and select the correct programme.

2. Replace any parts required (eg filters, O rings) to the manufacturer’s specifications.

3. Attach the BA set to the Posicheck and follow the test procedure according to the computer programme.

4. Diagnose any faults and complete all 12 tests in the correct order.

5. Print out a test sheet and attach a test sticker to the set. This specifies the date for the next annual check.

6. Clean and check any ancillary equipment, including torch, lines, distress signal unit.

7. Check cylinders for the BA set have the correct hydrostatic test date before filling.

8. Return the set and correct paperwork to the owner.

Please contact F&ST for more information or to make a booking.

Breathing Apparatus Hire

F&ST also has BA Equipment available for hire New Zealand wide, including:

  • SCBA – 9ℓ cylinder, 200bar & 300bar
  • Elsa Escape Sets – 3ℓ cylinder, 200bar
  • SCBA Longline system – includes 2 x 9ℓ cylinders,  200bar

***Long term hire rates for BA Equipment are negotiable.

Please contact F&ST for more information or to make a booking.