Safety Courses

Fire and Safety Training provide a wide range of compliance courses.  We can deliver a course on a date to suit you, or you can attend one of our regular scheduled courses.  Check out our training dates to see when these are running.

You are welcome to contact us directly to arrange a date to suit you.  To find out more choose from the following links:

Dangerous Goods
This is for people who carry dangerous goods for hire or reward, or carry more than the minimum amount of dangerous goods for their own business or ‘Tools of Trade’

Fire Extinguisher
We deliver realistic training for industry and the general public.

Chemical Handling
Hazardous Substance Safety in the work place

Confined Space and Gas Detection
The Confined Space course covers the requirements of staff identifying and entering confined spaces in the work place. We will give the theory and the practical experience of entering a confined space on your site and cover any practical problems you could have.
We also cover Gas Detection.  This course can be stand alone or delivered alongside the Confined Space course.

Height Training
We offer a range of NZQA working at heights courses including correct use and maintenance of height equipment, site specific height training, and rope rescues.  We also provide a working at heights consultancy service and industrial abseiling.

Permit to Work
This course covers both issuing worksite specific work permits and applications to receive worksite specific permits.

Breathing Apparatus
This is designed for people who need to use BA sets for their employment, or members of Industrial rescue squads.

Fire Warden Training
This training is aimed at giving  staff who are appointed as Fire Wardens an appreciation of the risks of fire and their responsibilities.

Fire Safety Awareness for Staff
Fire Safety Awareness meets the requirements for employees who need to be trained in basic fire safety.

You can also download a list of our public and industry courses here.