Health and Safety in the Workplace

Workplace health and safety is embedded in all of our training, however we do offer a number of courses where this is the prime focus. 

We’re happy to work with you to tailor training to your specific needs. 

Our standard courses include:

Health and Safety Representative:

Your health and safety representatives need training to support and empower them to carry out their role.  This course introduces them to the rights and responsibilities of their role, including contributing to a safe workplace, advocating for their fellow workers and issuing PINs (Provisional Improvement notices).  One day course. Unit standard 29315

Incident Investigation 

Finding the root cause of any accident, incident or near-hit is critical to keeping the work environment safe.  This course explores what lies behind most incidents, and establishes the knowledge and skills needed to investigate these.  Candidates investigate a hypothetical or real incident, and produce a report.  One day course. Unit standard 17601

Risk and Hazard Identification:

Understanding risk management and hazard ID reduces the likelihood of workplace incidents. This course looks at the principles and processes for risk management, and provides candidates with the opportunity to apply these to their own job role. One day course. Unit standard 30265

Workplace Safety

This course covers the provisions of the HSWA and regulations, and provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to apply this to their workplace.One day course. Unit standards 497 and 17593