Height Training

We provide the following;

  • Working at height training courses to NZQA standards.  (Units  23229 and 15757 are the ones we deliver most frequently)
  • Site specific height training
  • Height Rescue training
  • Height equipment sales
  • Anchor installations
  • Consultancy work

We register all units with NZQA as soon as you complete your course.  And our trainer’s help and support doesn’t stop at this point: you’re welcome to ring and discuss your on-going height work issues with them.

We  deliver and assess the following Industrial Rope Access Unit Standards

Level 3:

23229 Use a safety harness for personal fall prevention when working at height

15757 Use, install and disestablish proprietary fall arrest systems when working at height

19358 Describe legislative requirements for the industrial rope access industry

19359 Inspect and maintain industrial rope access equipment

19360 Plan and prepare for basic industrial rope access work

19361 Set up and dismantle basic industrial rope access systems

19362 Carry out elementary on-rope skills

19363 Carry out simple patient recovery techniques

Level 4:

23232 Develop a rescue plan for recovery of a suspended individual after a fall

23231 Develop a safety plan to manage risks when individuals are working at height and fall prevention strategies are required

19364 Identify and apply industrial rope access legislation

19365 Select and safely use industrial rope access equipment

19366 Plan and prepare for advanced rope access work

19367 Set up, alter and dismantle industrial rope access systems

19368 Carry out advanced industrial rope access techniques

19369 Carry out advanced patient recovery techniques

We also do Industrial Abseiling work such as maintenance, inspections and cleaning.

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