Basic Emergency Care

This course is aimed at Emergency Response Team members, or staff who may be called on as first responders to an accident or incident, and require skills beyond basic first aid training.  It is based around NZQA unit standard 29321 Provide basic emergency care

This four-day course covers:

  • managing the scene at an emergency
  • performing a primary survey of the patient(s) to identify threats to life
  • performing a secondary survey to determine the nature and severity of trauma or illness
  • applying safe techniques for lifting or moving a patient
  • using appropriate devices and techniques to manage patients in an emergency scenario
  • monitoring patient condition and passing on appropriate information
  • documenting patient condition and reporting to ambulance/hospital crew
  • recognising signs of stress in self and  demonstrating appropriate techniques to mitigate this stress 

A two-day refresher course is available for trainees who hold the unit standard.