Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus & Gas Suit Training Course

This training is designed for people who need to use BA sets for their employment, or members of industrial rescue squads. It is assessed against unit standard 25044: Wear and operate compressed air breathing apparatus in the workplace
We offer a full day introduction to Breathing Apparatus course or a half-day refresher course.
Sets and cylinders can be provided for up to 10 trainees who will:
  • Gain knowledge of BA and its effects on the physiology of the human body
  • Wear the BA in actual or practical simulated conditions
  • Manage the BA for safe use and survivability
  • Shut down and re-commission the BA
  • Put on, wear, and operate a gas suit
A refresher is recommended every two years.
Course Content:
  • Introduction Course Objectives
  • BA – Set description
  • BA – Ancillary equipment
  • Pre-use / Donning / Doffing procedures
  • Elementary physiology of respiration
  • BA – Control procedures
  • Guide and personal lines
  • Working in heat and smoke
  • Search procedure
  • Entrapped procedure
  • Methods of rescue
  • Practical exercises wearing BA
  • Cleaning and servicing sets
  • Records
  • Resuscitation and emergency first aid
  • Post test
  • Course review and close
All participants will complete an assessment at the end of each course.