Permit to Work

The Permit to Work system is designed to protect people, assets and the environment from any danger or damage when work that carries risk is performed. It documents a contract between the Permit Issuer and the Permit Receiver. It predetermines:

  • the specific work to be carried out
  • its location
  • the known and potential risks associated with the work and the environment
  • the required methods of control
  • coordination and communication of hazardous activities in hazardous areas

We provide a course that covers both receiving and issuing worksite specific work permits.  The NZQA standards covered are:

  • 17588 Apply for, accept, and carry out work according to a work permit in the workplace.
  • 17590 Issue worksite specific permits.

These units can be delivered and assessed together, or if preferred, separately.

A refresher course is recommended every two years.

The course covers all the requirements of work permits and has a strong practical aspect: we can use your own company documentation or, if you prefer, our documents.

Hazard ID 

We frequently include Hazard ID with our Permit to Work courses.  This is US 17602 Apply hazard identification and risk assessment procedures in the workplace.  The content of this course compliments the Permit to Work course, as those issuing (or receiving Permits) must understand the processes involved in identifying hazards and controlling risk.