Confined Spaces Training

Our  confined spaces courses cover NZQA unit standards 18426 Hazards of a confined space and 17599 Plan a confined space entry.  We can deliver this training either at our purpose built training sites at Timaru or Napier, or we’ll come to your site and work within your confined spaces.

You’ll learn the theory and gain practical experience entering a confined space on your site, as well as covering any practical issues you may need to manage.

We cover the use of our airline systems and other recovery gear you may need.

Course Outline:

  • Your responsibilities under the Legislation  and confined spaces Regulations.
  • Carrying out a confined spaces risk assessment.
  • Hazard management in confined spaces.
  • Case studies of Confined Space accidents.
  • Emergency treatment.
  • Breathing apparatus.
  • Specific permits to your premises and requirements.
  • Atmospheric monitoring and testing equipment (gas detection).
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Safe entry procedures.
  • Practical entry drill – basic steps and communication techniques.
  • Basic rescue principles.

As understanding how to correctly use a gas detector is essential for anyone entering a confined space, we often include Unit standard 25510 Operate an atmospheric testing device in the course.

A refresher course is recommended every two years.

We also deliver the following unit standards:

3058 Perform gas tests

19207 Enter, work in and exit a confined space in the water industry