F&ST edible garden

We planted the F&ST Timaru edible garden today, outside the new classroom.  Strawberries, a lemon tree, tomatoes, courgettes, lettuces and herbs will help some healthy lunches.  We’ve planted swan plants too, so the monarch caterpillars get lunch as well.

Another day, another success

Upskilling the Fire Service

Congratulations to Dwayne Burgess, a volunteer fire fighter from Twizel who gained his Class 2 licence today.  Dwayne’s training is an extension of the Emergency Response Driving courses Colin delivers for F&ST.

The mud was flying

After the event.

Fire & Safety Training is a sponsor of the Mainland Winch Challenge series.  On Sunday, during the final challenge in the series,  the Makikihi Mudplug was held .  Congratulations to F&ST’s Colin who won the open event against an impressive line up of starters. #gigatowntim



Fire blankets smother fires

Fire Blankets smother a fire by cutting off the oxygen supply.  They’re most commonly found in kitchens where there is a risk of cooking fat or oil fires.  They can also be used to wrap people if their clothes catch fire.

Here’s how to use a fire blanket correctly:

1. Unfold the fire blanket so that it is completely opened and hold with your hands behind the blanket to protect your hands and wrists.
2. Keep the blanket between you and the fire.
3. Place (do not throw) the fire blanket over the fire. Make sure you completely cover the fire.
4. Turn off the heat source and leave the blanket over the burnt area for at least 15 minutes or until the heat has dissipated.
5. Put out flames on a person’s clothes by wrapping the fire blanket around the victim.
6. Discard and replace the blanket after use.


Realistic BA training

Capping a 920kg chlorine cylinder

This week Gordon was in Christchurch going through BA refresher training with a chemical company and working with 920 kg chlorine cylinders.

MSA revalidation visit

MSA LogoLast week MSA guru, Ray Campbell from Sydney, spent most of the week with Gordon, Trev and Greg ensuring they are up to date with MSA Breathing Apparatus, Gas detection and height gear.  Renewing our big tick to service this equipment provided us with an  interesting and enjoyable few days.

Our trainers love Queenstown

This week it’s Nathan’s turn in Queenstown, for rope access assessments with Fulton Hogan. Do you think all the people in this pic are Nathan’s trainees?  More on facebook.


Making Movies for Discovery Channel

There was glamour, excitement and very good food in Queenstown last week for Colin from F&ST.  He and his promotional Jeep were summoned for  a Discovery Channel film shoot.  Colin’s role was to train the ‘talent’ (actor) driving his jeep, and provide technical and safety advice for the shoot.  The jeep had all its existing signwriting covered with Discovery channel signs. Now we’ll wait until it screens. Check out more images on our Facebook page.

And another new classroom!

First wall is up.

A new classroom on the way.

First Timaru, now Napier. Classroom number two is underway in Niven St, Napier.  Check out more photos on Facebook.

The wait is over…

New classroom in action

Welcome to Fonterra: first session in the new room

Our new classroom is operational.  The first groups to enjoy it were Fonterra Emergency Response Teams from Clandeboye and Edendale.  Check out our Facebook page for some pictures from a very interesting day.

Not long now…

The finish line is in sight.

The new classroom should be in action later this month.  The boys are painting now, the carpet goes in next week, and we’re almost ready for the official opening.  Who should we invite to cut the ribbon?

It’ll be cosy …

It's looking warm.

Our new classroom is getting closer to being used.  Today it’s showing us how cosy it’ll be in the winter months.

Our trainees get high…

F&ST trainees get high!

EWP Trainer supervises practical work.

…in Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs).  Several local trainees proved their prowess in different EWPs in yesterday’s training session.  Trainer Greg Milmine provided an overview of relevant legislation and safety procedures, then they were outside in the yard doing it.  Pictured is a trailer -mounted EWP: the tennis ball was retrieved from the roof behind.

And the roof is on!

The new classroom appears.

Our new classroom at the back of Holmglen St, Washdyke is rapidly materialising.  It won’t be long before classes will be enjoying its comforts.

F&ST at Queenstown

Offroad at Queenstown

Offroad at Queenstown.

Colin and Ants were in Queenstown last week, taking airport rescue staff through their paces off road.  Check out our Facebook page to see some of the action.

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