For Sale

We can sell the gear and equipment we use.

We will only sell the products and brands that meet NZ safety standards, and that we trust.

Fire extinguishers:

We sell Fire Extinguishers that  meet NZ Standard 4503.  This standard provides your assurance that the extinguisher will do exactly what it is supposed to do: extinguish the class of fire for which it is designed.

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Height  / rope access equipment

Our experts recommend gear  that they use themselves.  Talk to us about these.

Gas Detectors:

We sell the full range of MSA gas detectors, including bump test kits.  We also service these.

Confined Space Rescue:

Including the Lanex tripod and winch pictured here.

Breathing Apparatus (BA sets)

We sell and service a wide range of BA sets suitable for fire fighting, rescue teams, confined space entry and other escape sets.

The sets, masks and cylinders we recommend and sell most frequently are:

Flite This set is recommended for extended working, restricted access areas, and working in confined spaces.

The Elsa set is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments.

Contour This set, designed for industry, is lightweight, comfortable and reliable

The ACSffx is a lightweight set designed for firefighting.

Sigma 2 is used in industry, shipping and other non-fire fighting environments.

The Promask PP is a full face positive pressure mask that fits all Scott Safety BA sets and airline apparatus.

Carbon fibre cylinders are lightweight so there is less strain on the wearer.