Fire Blankets smother a fire by cutting off the oxygen supply.  They’re most commonly found in kitchens where there is a risk of cooking fat or oil fires.  They can also be used to wrap people if their clothes catch fire.

Here’s how to use a fire blanket correctly:

1. Unfold the fire blanket so that it is completely opened and hold with your hands behind the blanket to protect your hands and wrists.
2. Keep the blanket between you and the fire.
3. Place (do not throw) the fire blanket over the fire. Make sure you completely cover the fire.
4. Turn off the heat source and leave the blanket over the burnt area for at least 15 minutes or until the heat has dissipated.
5. Put out flames on a person’s clothes by wrapping the fire blanket around the victim.
6. Discard and replace the blanket after use.