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4WD off-road driver training

4 wheel drive training: off-road driving

These courses are designed for drivers who may be required to drive off-road, over varied terrain.  Each course will be tailored to specific client needs.

A typical theory session can cover:

  • features of 4wd vehicles
  • driving techniques
  • understanding vehicle movement
  • hazard identification and controls for the terrain and driving conditions

The practical session can be designed to suit our client’s needs and could cover:

  • vehicle start up and shut down
  • hazard ID while driving
  • practical driving techniques for the terrain, including
    • on road
    • gravel / shingle
    • mud and slips
    • cut outs
    • undulating terrain
    • safe water crossings
    • basic vehicle recovery

Following the course, participants will recieve a certificate stating the details of the knowledge and skills they’ve covered.If required, 4WD unit standards can be assessed and recorded with NZQA.  Relevant unit standards include:

17676 Pre-drive check on a light motor vehicle

17976 Demonstrate knowledge of a 4WD off-road

17978 Operate a 4WD off-road

20848 Demonstrate knowledge of a light 4WD on-road

20620 4WD recovery

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