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Fire / Evacuation Warden Training

This training is aimed at giving Department Heads, Section Leaders or Shift Managers, and appointed Fire Wardens an appreciation of the risks of fire and their responsibilities. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the causes of fire, the action to be taken and correct evacuation procedures. Courses can be tailored to specific workplace needs.

Fire Warden courses ensure participants can:

  • Understand an evacuation warden’s role and responsibilities
  • Understand the purpose of trial evacuations and can relate this understanding to their own worksite
  • Carry out a successful evacuation within their own worksite
  • Describe the nature of fire and how to extinguish it
  • Use every type of hand held fire extinguisher in the right conditions
  • Follow correct procedures with fire fighting equipment
  • Where relevant, operate breathing apparatus and fighting fires in a building using breathing apparatus
  • Select and use personal protective equipment

Fire and Safety Training also train Industrial Rescue squads for industry, including Fonterra, Silver Fern Farms and the Alliance Group.


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