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Driver Training

Driver safety is the key focus of our driver training packages. The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires PCBUs and their principals to ensure their staff have the training and skills they need to understand the features and limitations of the vehicles they control, driving them safely and efficiently.

Good training benefits drivers and their employers:

  • compliance with HSWA.
  • drivers who understand their vehicles and the nature of the terrain on which they are driving enhance their own safety and the safety of those around them.
  • skilled drivers operate their vehicles more efficiently, minimsing wear and tear or damage, and reducing fuel consumption.
  • competent, courteous drivers promote a positive corporate image in company vehicles.

We deliver courses tailored to each client’s needs.  The options are:

  • NZQA based standards with prescribed content, and credits entered on each trainee’s NZQA record of learning or
  • A course designed around the specific client requirements, with a certificate issued for each trainee outlining the knowledge and skills covered

Courses cover both theory and practical elements of 4WD operation and are designed to cater for everyone from the complete novice though to the experienced driver wanting a fresh challenge.

For those wanting even more of challenge try our 4WD recovery course. It covers all you need to know about equipment operation and correct techniques required for safe vehicle recovery.

While our focus is 4WD training, our qualified driving instructor can also provide traiing and support for other corporate drivers, including Advanced Driver Assessments.

Fire and Safety Training Ltd is a registered training and assessment provider, which is your guarantee of quality.

You will be under the guidance of our  qualified training instructor whose aim is a safe, educational and enjoyable driver training experience.

Driver courses we deliver:

4WD off-road

This course aims to provide participants with the confidence to understand and use the features of their 4WD vehicle. It covers Hazard Id, and practical driving skills over varied terrain.


Compliance with HSWA 2015  requires that employers ensure their staff are trained correctly. We are able to train people to the necessary skill level required for them to manage their vehicle wherever they may need to drive.


One and two day weekend courses are run throughout the year they have been developed for people wishing to gain an appreciation of their vehicle’s capabilities off road. Where you wish for one-on one training relevant to your specific vehicle, we have options available, starting with a four hour (half day) session.


Covers all aspects of vehicle recovery with prime consideration given to equipment ratings and safety.

Heavy Vehicles

This course covers all aspects of Off-Road driving with a heavy vehicle.

Emergency Response

The Emergency Response Drivers course is a in-depth specialised driving course covering the Land Transport Act, legal and emergency protocols.

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