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Corporate 4X4 Driving

Compliance with the new Health and Safety at Work 2015 Act and Worksafe regulations requires  employers to ensure their employees are trained correctly, and can confidently identify and control any hazards they may encounter while driving. We can to train drivers to the necessary skill level required for them to manage their vehicle on and off-road, including safe driving on gravel roads.

Employees who drive company vehicles in their work need to acquire and demonstrate safe driving skills. This is even more significant for those driving 4WD vehicles on rough roads or off-road. Understanding the capablilites and limitations of their vehicle is essential to safe, efficient and courteous driving.

Our driving instructor can also carry out Advanced Driver Assessments, covering a route typical of where each participant drives.  A full report is provided to both the driver and their manager.  This helps drivers understand and improve, if necessary, their own driving.  It allows employers to identify the drivers who are safe, confident and competent, while providing a basis for training those who need it.

Courses can be certificate based, where participants are issued a certificate outlining the knowledge and skills covered, or unit standard based, with each participant’s NZQA Record of Learning updated.

The Unit standards cover both the theory and  practical driving skills.  Courses can be timetabled and tailored to suit individual or company needs.

We can provide both training and assessment for the following NZQA 4WD Unit Standards:

  • 17976 Demonstrate knowledge of operating a four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle
  • 17977 Demonstrate knowledge of planning requirements for extended off-road four wheel drive (4WD) driving
  • 17978 Operate a light four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle in an off-road environment
  • 20848 Demonstrate knowledge of and skills for driving a light four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle on-road
  • 20620 Develop and execute a plan for a four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle extraction
  • 17676 Carry out start up and shut down procedures on a light motor vehicle and make ready for use
  • 15158 Carry out start up and shutdown procedures on a heavy motor vehicle and make ready for use
  • 1738 Drive heavy vehicle in off-road environments
  • 1737 Drive heavy vehicle on unsealed road surfaces
  • 3267 Drive fire and rescue vehicles in emergency situations

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