Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus & Gas Suit Training Course

This training is designed for people who need to use BA sets for their employment, or members of industrial rescue squads.
It can be a full day introduction to Breathing Apparatus course or a half-day refresher course.
Sets and cylinders can be provided for up to 10 students who will:
  • Gain knowledge of BA and its effects on the physiology of the human body
  • Wear the BA in actual or practical simulated conditions
  • Manage the BA for safe use and survivability
  • Shut down and re-commission the BA
  • Put on, wear, and operate a gas suit
A refresher is recommended every two years.
Course Content:
  • Introduction Course Objectives
  • BA – Set description
  • BA – Ancillary equipment
  • Pre-use / Donning / Doffing procedures
  • Elementary physiology of respiration
  • BA – Control procedures
  • Guide and personal lines
  • Working in heat and smoke
  • Search procedure
  • Entrapped procedure
  • Methods of rescue
  • Practical exercises wearing BA
  • Cleaning and servicing sets
  • Records
  • Resuscitation and emergency first aid
  • Post test
  • Course review and close
All participants will complete an assessment at the end of each course.